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Bruising For Besos

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College Campus Public Screenings

Thank you for your interest in booking a screening of Bruising for Besos on your college campus.


For the Spring 2018 Academic Year you may request a quote for solely a campus screening or our B4B Guest Artist Package.  (The elements below may be modified per campus needs.)


The B4B Guest Artist Package includes:


1.)  Campus wide screening of our feature film


2.)  Q&A with the writer-director after the  screening (30 min.)


3.)  One class visit prior to or after the screening


4.)  One creative writing or performance workshop for up to 12  students (90 min)


Send us an inquiry with any questions through our contact page and we will respond as soon as possible.



College campus public screenings to date: Colgate University, UC Channel Islands, UT in San Antonio, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Cal State Long Beach, UC Santa Barbara, University of Oregon, Eugene, and University of Arizona.  


Private classroom screenings: UCLA and ASU